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Destiny – variety paired with exceptional stimulation

Lana Rhoades comes with an exciting Fleshlight named Destiny. It has something to offer and please every need, from wide and pleasant stimulation with many details to tight and intensive parts for rapid thrusting. Its combination of these parts truly makes it shine among the Fleshlight Girls Lady textures. A well-deserved texture for this young porn starlet, which makes you tremble with excitement.

Supreme – untypical but intense

Supreme is Kayden Kross’ personal anal texture and it comes with a unique composition. While the start is mild, the middle sections are all the more wild. The many nubs and ribs provide an intensive and extremely rich stimulation. A swift and strong orgasm seems to be bound to occur. Only the subsequent cleaning attracts negative attention, but if you want this kind of intensity you’ll have to overlook something.

Ultimate – intensive stimulation in a simple way

Kayden Kross received a good replacement for her discontinued Bookworm texture. Ultimate provides great stimulation and manages to create a good intensity, especially around the center. The penetration sensation is good thanks to the short spiral in the beginning and the rings within the middle. Even though there are no novel structures that draw all the attention of the texture, it offers everything you can wish for in a Fleshlight Girl.

Fleshskins Blue Ice – lend your Fleshlight a hand

The Blue Ice of the innovative Fleshskins series impresses with three major aspects. It is compact, provides a nice variability and is convenient for everyday use. Its reduced size still provides enough space for most men. The slightly wider texture can be modified in its tightness and intensity by your own grip. This gives you the whole range from pleasantly soft and slow strokes to intense and tight thrusts. The rapid cleaning and the optimized drying capabilities make it the perfect masturbation addition for your day-to-day pleasure. Especially for those days where you don’t feel like getting your large Fleshlight with its cumbersome cleaning process.

Shameless – exciting and diverse anal texture

Brandi Love has received an extremely attractive anal texture. This Fleshlight that features her ass as its orifice is unusually wide, but offers exceptional novel grids. They create a varying and great stimulation that guarantees you great orgasms. Only the time-consuming cleaning process subsequent to the pleasure is a downside. If you don’t mind this circumstance, you will for sure enjoy the novel grid structures of Shameless.