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Velvet – narrow, continuous, classic

Ana Foxxx’ Velvet Fleshlight uses one of the most classical anal textures that have recently been released. It uses a very realistic pattern of nubs and indentations, in order to create an exceptional modern texture with all the virtues of the classic anal Fleshlights. The continuous design lets you lay back and enjoy an ongoing sense of a tight vibration. All this packed in a beautiful dark glowing sleeve.

Silk – wide, exceptional and pleasant interior

Ana Foxxx’ unique pussy texture Silk is very different to the textures before it. Not only is it the first chocolate-colored sleeve but also the structures have a unique take on stimulation. It provides pleasant and novel large structures, paired with short and intensive structures. A smooth and still very pleasing Fleshlight texture.

Treat – exciting, novel, anal

The butt Fleshlight of Elsa Jean really is a treat. The petite blonde’s second texture provides exciting new structures, tight passages and great constrictions. All the qualities a good anal texture should provide. Because of their arrangement Treat is a great choice for men with a shorter penis, but still appealing to those longer ones as well. With this in mind: Treat yourself!

Tasty – wonderful combination of novelty and stimulation

Elsa Jean’s Tasty is a great pussy Fleshlight. It combines the highly structured characteristic of typical Fleshlight Girls textures with a gripping tightness and novel elements. Due to its focus on the earlier chambers is it very well suited for shorter penises, without neglecting all the other ones. A great quality texture for a young and petite porn star.

Epic – tight, novel and intensive

Stoya’s well-deserved anal texture surprises with an incredibly high amount of variety. Especially within the first section the structures changes rapidly. As is wanted with such an ass texture it provides a striking and pleasant tightness for start on, that finally reaches its climax within the center. After that you encounter relentless intensity until the end. Hence Stoya combines all the great Fleshlight characteristics with her Epic texture, provided you reach them all. Epic is an exceptional texture for a very special Fleshlight Girl!

Eden – tight and intensive with great orgasm quality

Janice Griffith brings along the first beautifully brown Fleshlight since a long time. The texture itself is an amazingly well-made combination of tight passages and intensive structures. In it you will find novel structures paired with old classics. Eden will definitely test your stamina and the orgasms will make you want to start right over again.