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Best anal Fleshlights of 2019 (february)

Get ready for a dirty and tight backdoor adventure!

Anal Fleshlights are Fleshlights with the butthole orifice. Most of them are of Fleshlight Girls. These have usually exclusively with them available textures. If they are from older Fleshlight Girls, in terms of release date, they might also use the shared Forbidden anal texture. This one is a special anal Fleshlight texture that aims to provide a most realistic anal experience and mimics the inside of the anal canal. It was available with many of the earlier girls, but is not in use anymore. Nowadays the girls have their own unique anal textures within their sleeves.

The way these textures are structured has also changed a lot over the years. Early anal textures were all of a similar kind. They generally focused on extremely tight passages and repeating structures. These patters could be seen in almost all of them. Newer models are more diversified and provide much more variety in structures and composition. For some of the girls with pussy and anal textures, the anal one is even the wider and more varying one while the pussy texture provides a tight and continuous sensation. Still, most of the current anal textures rely on the typical qualities for such Fleshlights. That is a strong intensity, a pleasuring penetration experience and of course a gripping tightness.

Other than with the Girls, ILF also offers anal Fleshlights in their “Build your own” configurator. In this tool you can select a personalized Fleshlight. Although the textures available through this tool are not typical anal textures, you can give your creation a butthole orifice to make it visually one.

The above mentioned characteristics of typical anal Fleshlights also come with some side effects. While tightness and intensity are most of the time desired, they usually require more lube to be used with the texture. Also, if you have a penis with a very wide girth picking a tight texture might be too intensive (up to uncomfortable / painful). This is certainly not an issue most men have, but you should keep it in mind if you feel your package is too thick.