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The Lucky Guy who Plugs

We’re starting this bio out on a slightly different tip. Adam22 is a YouTube sensation, a successful podcast host and creator of “The Come Up,” what was in its heyday the most popular BMX website of all time. He also regularly plugs Lena the Plug which is why he is deserving of a mention.

Adam22 is not a bad looking fella, tatted up, some chicks are into that. Some guys are into that as well. No shame in that game, if you’re a dude who likes a little sausage play every now and again there’s a word for that. Gay. But this site services all humans, no matter your predilection on how you’d like to release your goo. The most important part is being able to release said goo without judgment. No judgment here, if Adam22’s cock is what you’re seeking, check out Lena the Plug videos. If Lena the Plug’s asshole, pussycat, dick-sucking lips and sweater puppets are your thing, check out Lena the Plug’s videos (and later purchase her Fleshlight, we’re building up to that part).

Another Good Girl turned Nasty

Born Lena Nersesian, Plug was a good Armenian girl, Christian home, conservative Mom and Dad, only child, you know, recipe for cock-sucking. I swear, these backgrounds share so much in common with these chicks. I suppose to keep your daughter from having 6 Japanese dudes squirting on her belly dressed up as rattlesnakes, as a Dad you might need to go the other route – encourage promiscuous sex, purchase rubbers, leave porn around the house. Perhaps so much stimuli will turn them away from desiring Lexington Steel’s black schlong. Or not, either way you’re officially the sad Dad with a balls hot daughter being worked balls deep.

Famous for the now industry wide catch-statement - “Come for the booty, stay for my irresistible charm” – Lena might not be the hottest chick out there, but her personality is an A++. She also has a rocking body which in this arena needs to count for something. Lena went off to college, picked up the Plug nickname at some point in time, no doubt due to her affinity for solving complex, onerous electrical issues, and instead of pursuing a career in psychology (her major), she drove an Uber. That Uber driving translated into little money, she has a perky ass, guys like it, and viola … Lena the Plug was born!

Sharing is Caring

Lena and Adam22 are three-way freak-a-leeks, charging for their videos online with other broads, one of which is Emily Rinaudo, another smoking hot chick that appears to have that same middle-eastern vibe going like Lena. Adam22 seems to have a type. Actually, he doesn’t, we’ve seen videos of him fucking a morbidly obese Finnish albino. Just kidding, was trying to picture the exact opposite of Lena and Emily. Lena is currently ranked a grade B You Tuber, but her rankings have been getting growing, like your erection. But what fans really come to Lena for is none other than fresh, sweet honey …

Honey with your Semen

Right from the hive your dirty dog, this pussy stroker will leave your eggplant planted on its side, wet with gelatin and your cheap underpants ready for the wash. Fleshlight describes the Lena the Plug Honey sleeve as complex, yet simple. We have no idea what the fuck that means. There are nodes and rings, they grip and glide, you moan and make embarrassing faces, perhaps with your shirt off in front of the mirror, and then cum like Marky Mark in Boogie Nights, all over Philip Seymour Hoffman. Just kidding, rest in peace by the way Philip, fucking phenomenal job in that masterpiece of a flick. Buy this cock sleeve … honey.

Información de la estrella

Todas las Fleshlights, texturas y aberturas de

nacido el
Jul 1, 1991
Glendale, California, USA
Lena Nersesian
American / Armenian
5 ft 1 ins (1.55 m)
121 lbs (55 kg)


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