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Who are the Fleshlight Girls?

The Fleshlight Girls are an extremely popular and probably the most famous category of Fleshlights. They add even more realism to the famous SuperSkin material by giving them the orifices of famous porn stars. Thanks to this you can have a detailed copy of the pussy, butthole and sometimes mouth of more than 50 different porn stars.

The Girls are by far the most popular type of Fleshlights and also make up most of the products. They span a wide range of some of the most popular porn stars and give you a unique opportunity to use their replicated private parts for your pleasure. All girls have their unique pussy orifice and pussy texture in one of the Fleshlights. Additionally some also have a butt texture with the detailed butthole mold. The mouth orifices are usually only available with older, in terms of release date, girls but are very uncommon for the newer girls.

Because of their incredible popularity ILF, the creator of the Fleshlight, continually releases new Fleshlight Girls. Along with them arrive novel Fleshlight textures that are exclusive to them. Their textures are the primary reasons for the huge variety of Fleshlight sleeves. But because of time limited contracts with the porn stars Fleshlights also get discontinued. Some of their textures completely disappear while others are brought back to life in other Fleshlights. This come and go gives the Fleshlight Girls a certain appeal to collect them, making them even more desirable.

Due to this fluctuation it is often confusing to know which girls are current Fleshlight Girls with active textures. Therefore we made this list of all the Fleshlight Girls and show you which of them are available and which have already been discontinued. So you can see if your favorite porn star is currently part of the girls or whether she was already a part of this special family before.