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Best Fleshlights of 2019 (april)

Find the best Fleshlight for yourself!

The Fleshlight is already the most popular male sex toy in the world. But there are tons of different Fleshlights out there. So which one is THE best? Here at Fleshtest we set out to answer this question once and for all. But, as it turns out ILF releases new Fleshlights every few weeks, creating new competitors for the top position of the list. So, instead of a one time winner, we will highlight the current top 10 Fleshlights. Because nobody wants to see an outdated list and miss out one the true best Fleshlight!


Butterfly – diverse, pleasant and nice to look at

Butterfly of Dominika C is a visually extremely pleasant texture. As early as looking at the pussy of Dominika you can’t wait to enter the Butterfly. The combination of wide chambers, tight passages and various nubs provides a diverse amusement. The harmonization of these components definitely succeeded. It’s just a pity that much of this exciting texture is located very far in the end of it.


Empress – fast, intensive with low variety

Adriana Chechik got awarded with an intensive lady texture listening to the majestic name Empress. From the start on it satisfies with intensive stimulation and keeps this strong sensation until the last inch. The small flaw of these continuous textures is always the lack of variety, which in the case of Empress means only one single kind of rib. This is no reducing sign of quality though, because stimulation and intensity are great. If you do not mind the consistency and a bit more effort to clean it, you will find an amazing sensation in the Empress Fleshlight.


Savage – consistent pleasant stimulation

Lisa Ann has a new exclusive texture with Savage. It pays tribute to her magnificent ass and impresses with a consistent and exceedingly pleasant stimulation. Otherwise the texture remains relatively simple and also a bit monotonous. The intensity of the smaller ribs should not be underestimated though!


Wild – soft, pleasant and yet intensive!

Wild is the perfect Fleshlight texture for Riley Jensen. It starts just like her career with a pleasant and softer episode. First, wider and nicely stimulating it rapidly gets intensive and rougher. The interplay between these structures creates an extensive sensation with each thrust. Riley Jensen’s Fleshlight truly is Wild!


Lush – diverse and extremely stimulating

Abigail Mac was awarded with a great exclusive Fleshlight texture. It offers a wide variety of structures and stimulates in a fantastic way. It does so by changing the intensity between soft and strong depending on which structure you are currently at. There are hardly constrictions in the texture though. Lush therefore can be recommended to men who are looking for a soothing pleasure due to its pleasant stimulation.


Crush – a bit of everything combined

Dillion Harper’s Crush combines pleasant stimulation with great penetration. Pleasurable wide parts, but also intensive sections provide a great combination. The very versatile texture provides something new for every inch and manages to satisfy all kinds of tastes. If it does not always have to be tight and intensive, the “girl next door” Dillion Harper has the perfect texture for you!


Destroya is one the most intensive sleeves. However it also offers a good variation. The different chambers provide a rich and heavy stimulating feeling with an amazing intensity. This sensation is smartly accompanied by the resulting suction. A strong and satisfying orgasm is the reward for appreciating Destroyas unique stimulation.


Storm - greatly stimulating & extremely diverse

Romi Rain’s Storm provides a great stimulation from start to finish. With a total of five chambers, that are all designed completely distinct, this texture provides a huge variety. Due to the fact that all the chambers, except for the one in the middle, contain bumps or ribs, the overall intensity remains very high. Next to wider sections the sleeve also offers tight spots and novel structures. This texture lives up to its promise: an absolutely stormy Fleshlight texture!


Thrust – blow first and then get intensive

The Turbo Thrust texture starts with a dedicated blowjob orifice. It is visually and functionally innovative. Behind it lies a texture that reminds more of an anal texture. It is extremely intensive and continuously tight. This unusual combination still matches great. You should not think of it as a realistic experience but as the perfect lovechild of both worlds. A tight-intensive blowjob!


Great stimulation helps you get "Fit"

A first view of the texture already makes you want to go for it. Nicole Aniston’s Fit promises great stimulation, pushing the user to their all-time highs. Only keep in mind that cleaning might take a bit longer, due to the detailed canal structure.

The top 10 of all time

While some of the newer released Fleshlight textures definitely stirred up the top list, you will see that many of the top textures are on this list for quite some time already. These timeless classics include for example Stoya’s famous Destroya Fleshlight, the more discrete and compact Pilot or the super realistic Lotus texture. But this all-time list should also feature discontinued Fleshlights such as Jenna Jameson’s Legend or Katsuni’s Lotus Garden.

It is also important to take into account that there are truly amazing textures for certain categories that would not make the top list, but can definitely shine in aspects like realism or intensity. For this reason we also created dedicated top lists for Fleshlights of a certain category. So treasures such as Jenna Haze’s Obsession can show that they stand out in terms of intensity, while it would not make the cut in the overall rating. Alexis Texas’ Tornado demonstrates how realistic a Fleshlight can be, but lacks the intensity and stimulation rating that put Savage, Storm or Fit in the place they are in.

Therefore our top 10 attempts to combine all these different characteristics a Fleshlight possess as well as the rating users of this website give them in order to evaluate their overall satisfactoriness. The list is regularly updated. It takes new releases into account but also tries to make sure that all these textures are still available. The result is the above list of truly exceptional Fleshlights.

What is the best Fleshlight?

The best Fleshlight is the sum of the best Fleshlight parts. These are the:

  • texture
  • orifice
  • and case

Although it would be nice if you could just combine them as you wished, we are more limited than that. Some cases are restricted, due to their size or shape, to certain sleeves and textures are often only available with a single orifice. So, unfortunately the best texture does not necessarily come with the best orifice or case. But still, what are the best of their type? Let’s start with the squishy insert that you can actually feel.

Best Fleshlight sleeve / insert

The sleeve is the insert you put into the case. This is recommended / necessary for most sleeves in order to have the best masturbation experience. There are some Fleshlight models where using only the sleeve is helpful or even required, though. The prime example for using only the sleeve is the Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice. Here the case only serves as storage and drying purpose but it is used as a sleeve-only. Another example is the Quickshot Fleshlights. If your penis is very thick, using the Quickshots with the case can be uncomfortable due to their narrow diameter. You can help yourself by just using it without the case just as well. In general, the rule of thumb is that the longer the Fleshlight sleeve is, the more inconvenient it will get if you try to use it without the case.

The insertable sleeve consists of two other parts that are of major importance to a Fleshlight. From the outside visible is the orifice. While they mostly serve cosmetic purposes, there are also some with a special purpose. The invisible part is the texture inside the sleeve. While the first Fleshlight, the Original, only provided a straightforward canal with unstructured walls, the textures nowadays are far more sophisticated. The material still remains the same extraordinary SuperSkin, a patented material that aims to replicate the human flesh as good as possible.

Even though the SuperSkin is used with all Fleshlight models, the appearance of the inserts does not only differ in the orifice used. The sleeves also have different lengths depending on the series and the length of the surrounding case. Additionally the sleeves come in different colors. The most popular and widespread mimics a pink flesh tone. But there are also colored versions in blue, red and grey- and greenish colors for the Freaks series or even transparent ones. The level of detail ILF puts into their Fleshlights can be seen when looking at the sleeve colors of the Fleshlight Girls. Each girl has the color of their Fleshlight sleeves toned to her actual skin tone.

The best sleeves are usually the Fleshlight Girls sleeves because they had a lot of effort and details worked into them. The orifices are extremely true to the original and the material feels best with the flesh colored versions. Even though a clear color is appealing because you can see yourself moving in the Fleshlight, these sleeves tend to be much more sticky than their flesh colored counterparts. In terms of orifice and texture the following sections will tell you more.

Best Fleshlight texture

As with all other parts of a Fleshlight a lot of what makes a texture good comes down to what you personally like most. But there are some Fleshlights that just stand out, some of them because of their looks, but most of them due to their outstanding stimulation. And this is usually the result of an extraordinary texture.

Fleshlight textures exist with all kinds of structures. They contain everything from huge nubs, to narrow ribs, deep grooves or long spirals. But not all structures are equally good in stimulating and a lot of the times the mixture of these structures makes it truly stand out.

The best textures provide the best stimulation and usually provide a strong intensity. They do not necessarily have to be very tight, because that often takes away from the effect the structures have. Very tight textures are also intensive, but you cannot perceive the structures as good, which reduces the overall stimulation quality. Many of the best textures also come with seemingly simple repeating texture patterns. This continuity often provides an exceptional stimulation. Examples for such repeating but very appealing textures are Heartthrob, Empress or Savage. But also more complex textures such as Butterfly, Storm or Beyond prove that a good composition of structures is the key to make it to the top of the list.

There are also a number of Fleshlight textures that shine when you put them in the right spotlight. These prime examples of great models often rank high in certain subcategories with outstanding intensity or an amazingly realistic sensation. Getting one of these can be very helpful when you like to build up stamina or if you are looking for an authentic sex experience.

While our top list takes numerous characteristics of reviews and ratings into account, we would like to give you some tips to help you find your perfect choice. It is important to consider that penises differ in length, thickness and sensibility. What is best for most must not necessarily be best for you. The above overall top list is meant as a general guidance for most men. There are also specialized lists in which we recommend specific Fleshlights for various penis lengths as well. Just as there are special products for travel, discreetness or stamina building.

Best Fleshlight orifice

The orifice of a Fleshlight is usually the first thing to draw your attention, whether it’s the jucy bits of your favorite porn star, a neutral hole with few details or an impressive opening with mechanical looks. It is the first part your penis touches when you use the Fleshlight and last part you feel when you are done. The orifice plays an important role for every Fleshlight and ILF shows great love for detail in designing them. But do they differ and which one is the best?

Admittedly, even though there are numerous different kinds of orifices from pussies to butts, neutral ones, twisters and orifices of monsters, almost all of them only serve aesthetic purposes. The different widths in diameter for the holes of the orifices are minimal. You can feel some difference between a pussy sleeve with a large labia and a pure orifice but these distinctions are negligible compared to the stimulation of the texture you will encounter immediately afterwards. Yet, they will still make a difference for you, based on your personal preference. It is important that the looks of the orifice are appealing to you, whether it is the pussy or butthole of your favorite porn star or an exciting adventure with the turbine-shaped orifice of the Pilot Fleshlight.

There is one series however that was awarded with a very special orifice and that are the Fleshlight Turbo models. They have an innovative blowjob orifice that looks rather mechanical, but aims to replicate a sensual mouth-to-penis sensation. Therefore it consists of three layers with varying widths and resistances in order to simulate the whole blowjob experience starting from the lips, moving over the tongue and towards the throat.

So, except for the special blowjob orifice, you should decide which orifice looks best to you in order to find your personal favorite. Because the creators of the Fleshlight put a lot of effort into detailed looks of the Fleshlight Girls pussies and butts you will most likely find very appealing orifices there. Most of the orifices are bound to a specific texture, however, so make sure that you also like the texture that comes with it. Because the texture is certainly the most important part of the Fleshlight experience.

Best Fleshlight case

There are a number of different Fleshlight cases. They vary in size, color and also shape. Despite the amount of varying cases you are relatively limited picking a case to your liking. The reason is that most of the case shape, color and size combinations are made for Fleshlights of a certain series. The size and shape are predefined for the specific series in order to fit the sleeve into it. Still many of these combinations have at least two different colors to choose from. For many series there is a standard colored version and a clear one with a transparent case and sleeve. Examples for such Fleshlight series are the Fleshlight Go, Fleshlight Quickshot or Fleshlight Flight.

Some series have unique shapes such as the “Sex In A Can” (SIAC) or the Quickshot. The Fleshlights of the Go series on the other hand use the classic case design just in a smaller size. Most of the Fleshlight models use the standard case, though, varying only the sleeve and the case color. Therefore the classic case is now already available in nacre, black, gold, blue, silver and also transparent.

The case itself consists of the long main part with the sleeve in it, a larger lid on the front, a cap in the back and a slim ring that holds the sleeve in the main part. The large lid only prevents the orifice from dust and danger, but the other parts of the case also play important roles while masturbating. The slim ring at the beginning of the large case body prevents the sleeve from slipping out of the case. At the end of the case is the small cap, which lets you regulate the airflow and the vacuum inside the texture. And the large case body makes sure you have a good grip and keeps you from squeezing the sleeve itself in order to provide a consistent stimulation. While these are the parts of most cases there are some special versions.

For example the Quickshots, which are open on both sides due to their short length. Here the case caps are both taken off and only the center ring stays on the texture for grip and consistency purposes. Another exception is the Fleshskins Grip, which is used as a sleeve-only masturbation device. The case with this one still serves two important purposes. The first obviously being storage, but due to its drying rod in the middle and an open bottom, the case is also meant to be used to dry the sleeve after cleaning. This is most certainly the best use of a Fleshlight case but unfortunately limited to this one model.

So in most cases it comes down to having only the choice of color, because the rest is already given by the series of the Fleshlight, and we advise you to not let the case itself be the most important factor of your decision. Except when you are looking for a compact size or discreet as possible appearance, then go for the Quickshot, Pilot or Sex In A Can.

How Fleshlight ratings work

Fleshlights can be rated in numerous ways: their sensation, appearance, practicability, portability, size and many more. All these factors are part of our reviews and are completed by user based ratings. These ratings focus on the qualities of the textures and are by far the most important factor, as to how a Fleshlight is perceived.

The ratable characteristics of Fleshlight textures are:

  • intensity
  • stimulation
  • penetration
  • tightness
  • suction effect
  • realism
  • variation
  • orgasm quality
  • noise level
  • lube need
  • cleaning
  • drying time

These mark the most important qualities of Fleshlights textures and make it possible to standardize the rating system. The goal of the rating is to make the textures comparable with each other. What do the characteristics mean?

The intensity is one of the main contributors to an outstanding experience. It describes how powerful the stimulation is perceived and is for most men directly related to how fast they will cum. Intensity is often a result of tighter passages and large or edged structures with a strong resistance. Low intensity textures often have no, few or smaller structures.

Stimulation is the most important factor for overall satisfaction. It measures how good the structures of a Fleshlight feel and how positive they impact the sensation. A good stimulation is usually the result of a well-thought composition of structures, whereas they do not necessarily have to be extremely intense, tight or diversified.

The penetration rating measures how good the feeling of pushing through the texture is. It is related to passages with abruptly changing diameters and rings or large structures that have you push through them. A high penetration rating usually comes along with good stimulation, but not necessarily the other way around.

Tightness describes the remaining space within the canal. This is often correlated with a high intensity. Tightness plays an important role with anal textures, but is not limited to them. It is a very subjective measure, as it depends a lot of the respective penis.

The suction effect is the result of a vacuum originating within the more spacious chambers of the texture. It provides a pleasant pulling sensation, like if a person sucked on the penis. It is very favorable towards the stimulation rating and often comes with certain structures, such as the lotus node.

Realism is a measure on how good a texture mimics an actual sex experience. It is often achieved by wider textures with few repeating structures. A very high intensity and high variety scores affect this rating negatively.

Variation measures how many differently perceived structures are within a texture. Textures with only a few structures or many repeating patterns score low on this rating, while copious amounts of structures increase it.

Orgasm quality states how good and intense the orgasm with this texture is perceived. Highly stimulating textures usually also provide intense orgasms. It is a very important subjective measurement.

Noise level describes the amounts of sound that a texture makes while in use. Due to differently sized chambers, amounts of lube required and air pockets textures make different amounts of noise.

Lube need is a rating for the amount of actual lube that is favorable to use with this texture. Especially textures with extensive structures and high intensive textures require more lube. Plain straightforward canals still require lube but much less.

Cleaning is a measure for how easy it is to clean a sleeve and how long it takes. Depending on the structures used within a texture, the composition of the chambers and diameter throughout the canal these can vary greatly.

The drying time is an indicator how long it takes before the texture is completely dry again. It is influenced by the structures used within the sleeve and its diameter. It is often related to cleaning but not always.

On top of that there is an overall score, which shows the overall satisfaction with a texture. It is important because even though most scores are a great indicator of quality, others come down to a personal preference and this rating helps to distinguish those.